From several years, with the work of the University of Bologna and the superintendence for archeological finds oh the Marche, the roman city of Suasa is slowly coming to light. For several centuries it has rested under the layers of land of the Pian Volpello di Castelleone di Suasa. Now, thanks to recent excavations, some of it's stately building and infrastructure are coming to light: the amphitheatre, theatre, the valuable native residences, the forum and roads. The excavations give the idea of an important city which has crossed several centuries of history, from the 3rd century B.C. to at least the 6th century A.D., giving back important archeological finds which are, today, in part, preserved at the Civic Archeological Museum "Alvaro Casagrande" in Castelleone di Suasa. For the guardianship and evaluation of the archeological remains the regional Archeological Park of the roman city of Suasa has been set up.
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