Castelleone di Suasa and surrounding territory

Amidst the mountainous chains of Catria and the coastal Adriatic, Castelleone di Suasa is found on a hillock 206 m above sea level, dominating the valley of the Cesano river. The blooming vegetation and wonderful panoramic view characterise the typical land of the agricultural countryside of the Marche hills.
Castelleone di Suasa, an ancient fortified village of medieval origin, is still surrounded by solid defensive walls onto which wonderful views of the Cesano and Nevola valleys can be seen. But the origins of Castelleone di Suasa boast birthplaces both more noble an antique. At it's foot, infact, in the Cesena valley, rose the Roman city of Suasa. When it was abandoned in around the 6th century A.D., Castelleone di Suasa was founded in the surrounding hills.
Right from the beginning the land of Castelleone di Suasa, generous in it's tastes, scents and colours, warmly welcomes anyone who wishes to admire it's natural beauty and harmony and by offering it's best fruits, cultivated with genuine and natural methods.